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Our Story

Sophisticated Savagery Smudge

Who We Are

We are Sophisticated Savagery, but most just call us SophiSav. As our name may suggest, we are an enigma. In fact, you are probably an enigma too. We believe that nobody on this watery little planet is so simple that they can be summed up in one, or even a few words. We are all complex, unique, and made of star stuff.


Maria, Creative Director and Mad Scientist

A creative type, Maria has a degree in fine art from California College of the Arts in Oakland, Ca. Although she went to school for art, she has a passion for the natural sciences, particularly botany. In school she studied natural dyes and fibers, and sourced from the wild whenever appropriate. In her spare time she was diligently experimenting, researching, and studying natural medicine, both historic and contemporary (and still is). Due to her own pesky sensitive skin, having simple, clean, pure products is not just conceptually important, but a matter of quality of life.


Trinity, PR, Marketing, and Fairy Dust Handler

An ambitious, spiritual, creative-type, Trinity has a degree in Marketing and PR from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, Ca. Before FIDM, Trinity was studying to be a dermatologist, and worked at NorCal Dermatology. At home, she would mix up hand scrubs and foot soaks in her kitchen, and experiment with homemade skin care. She is obsessed with health food, music, and art, as well as truth and power. She has a love for nature, all things that benefit the earth, and all that inhabit it.

What We Do

Beauty is more than skin deep, it comes from feeling good and taking care of yourself on all levels. We call that your Ritual. Everyone has their own unique Ritual, and it can be anything from a 30 minute salted soak, to a 2hr session in the garage with your beloved fixie, to a weekend hiking trip in uncharted territory. Whatever your Ritual is, SophiSav is here to help you customize and perfect it.

SophiSav offers a year-round staple collection, a Spring/Summer collection, and a Fall/Winter collection, each responding to environmental factors. We know that no two people are the same, and we know that no one person is the same all year round!

Our products are crafted to nurture, calling on the healing properties of plants and minerals. We don’t believe in fillers, or inactive ingredients. We always use ethically sourced natural ingredients and locally source when possible. We practical, we use ingredients that are in season, and always grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. SophiSav is cruelty-free, and the only animals that we might ever test on are party animals. We are mindful of our impact on the environment in all stages of development, and make sure that everything we put out into the world can go back into the earth (in one way or another).