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Sophisticated Savagery And Then Some

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And The Some



You don't stop being a total Sav when you leave the house, so here are a few things to wear as you go out and about, slayin' the day and what-not.



Be it something small that travels this world with you, or something that waits to greet you at home, find hand-made things here. Many of our Talisman objects are collaborations with artists, and are one of a kind and/or limited run. You deserve something as unique as you are!



Check out our SophiKits for killer combos! Whether you're looking to impress with your gifting skills, or just looking to treat yo' self, you're sure to find something worth pining over here.



We've bundled up some awesome products for you, so you can cross multiple people off your gift-list, or just stock up and save a little cash off the top!